Optical Surgical Navigation

A surgical navigator is an innovative medical equipment that is widely used for surgical visualization, planning and precise execution of surgical procedures in operating rooms, these novel equipment help to minimize trauma in tissues and reduce the risk of surgical complications in procedures performed in the operating room.

These devices can work integrated with external devices, such as microscopes and ultrasounds. They allow the corresponding calculations thanks to specific software and based on sensors that are placed in patients during the operation. Its main objective is to provide help to the surgeon to make decisions about the orientation of the cuts to be made, implant positioning or handling of ligaments and surrounding tissues, as it functions as a GPS and guides the surgeon in real time on their exact position.

Types of Optical Surgical Navigation that a lab may need

Surgical Navigation Systems YR02143

YR02143 is an innovative computer-aided electromagnetic surgical navigation system, widely used for surgical visualization, planning and navigation to help minimize iatrogenic trauma to surrounding brain tissue and reduce the risk of surgical complications in cranial procedures (such as cranial neurology and ENT surgery)..


Our Best Selling Optical Surgical Navigation

  • Tomographic images in DICOM and captured with CT / C-arm / MRI / fMRI are applicable in the YR02143 surgical navigation system.
  • Advanced optical tracking system tracks real-time 3D position and orientation of active or passive markers attached to surgical tools, to provide exceptional precision (1.0mm spatial resolution) and reliability.
  •  The method of 3D modeling and simulation of anatomical structures in material (such as skin, skull, brain tissue, or target lesion) can be easily defined for surgical convenience.
  •  With the integrated navigation probe and advanced optical measurement technology, the surgeon can easily quantify the size and position of lesions, and then scientifically design the surgical approach.

Analysis of the best Surgical Navigation Systems for your laboratory

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Catalog of models of Optical Surgical Navigation on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Optical Surgical Navigation

The Optical Surgical Navigation are essential equipment in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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Why is an optical surgical navigation system important in the O.R.?

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